SaveYourDay 2.0 is here – multilevel lists and other smart functions!

We are proud to release SaveYourDay 2.0 today following an extensive development and testing period. We now have a true multilevel list solution giving you as user many more opportunities to further become more efficient in your work and daily life. Listening to the voice of our users, we have also improved many other functions, as fed back to us by many of you. Have a look on the video below (Swedish).


Multilevel lists provides you a new structure

Group several lists in one main list to get a better overview of all your work and tasks. The number of list levels is unlimited and you can as always reorder them and move them using drag and drop. Every list has many smart functions, you can for example use the quick menu item to email the complete list to any receiver. In the view “All LISTS” you can reorder the lists in the left hand main menu. See the video below (Swedish).


Improved overview

We have added counters to the lists, so you easily can see the number of tasks in a list. The new view ”20 latest changed” shows the 20 latest tasks and lists that have been changed allowing you to easily recover any mistake. The help texts are improved and can be accessed through clicking and the majority of the functions now have icons for direct access.


Reorder and plan your tasks

Inbox now has the same features as any other list, drag and drop is enabled to reorder the tasks and lists. It is further possible to drag and drop between days in the view “Within a week”.

Edit mode Edit has been improved:

  • You can format comments and paste images into the Edit mode.
  • You can copy/paste any URL and save it.
  • Lists and contexts can be created directly in the Edit mode boxes.


Smart functions in the quick menu Quick menu

Any information can be imported to and exported from SaveYourDay using a csv-file. Any embedded web link is active and will redirect you to the web site. Email a list from every list in any listlevel or overview.


Faster task manager with better navigation

The list tool is now separated from the main site. This provides a faster tool with better navigation possibilities. The largest impact is in the mobile version where the interface is cleaner with only two interchangeable views. All features are now accessible through the quick menu interface.
We hope that SaveYourDay 2.0 provides you much joy and efficiency!

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