Https encryption is now used on the site!

SaveYourDay’s level of security is further raised by introduction of https encryption. Using https encryption ensures no traffic between your computer and SaveYourDay’s server is accessible for someone outside. The encryption technique is for example used by payment services to ensure secure payments.

In addition to the increased encryption level, SaveYourDay also makes a complete daily backup of all information.

Your information is kept in safe hands by SaveYourDay.

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Now you get a free premium subscription for 3 months when you create an account, to be able to test all functions in SaveYourDay! With a premium subscription you have the opportunity to:

  • Add tags
  • Add comments
  • Copy a list
  • The overview “Planned” shows all tasks that have an end date
  • The overview “Completed” shows all completed tasks
  • Add tasks through emails
  • Export lists to Excel, Word, and pdf

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SaveYourDay goes mobile

SaveYourDay goes mobile! You don’t need to download an app, just use SaveYourDay in your mobile browser of choice. It’ll automatically detect which mobile unit you are using and adapt the graphics.

Use SaveYourDay to access and work with your tasks wherever you are, you only need an internet connection. To simplify even further, add SaveYourDay to your Home Screen in your mobile browser.

TODAY! 3 months FREE premium when you create an account


Upgrade to PREMIUM – and get more things done!

In the premium version of SaveYourDay it’s possible to:

  • Add tags
  • Add comments
  • The overview “Planned” shows all tasks that have an end date
  • The overview “Completed” shows all completed tasks
  • Add tasks through emails
  • Export lists to Excel, Word, and pdf

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SaveYourDay’s inbox

The inbox has a central role in GTD theory. You can compare it to the inbox in an email program. All incoming information shall be collected and either closed directly or temporarily land in your inbox. Note that the inbox is not a permanent place for tasks and information, the data should be moved as soon as possible.

One of the key messages of GTD is to limit the number of mailboxes to an absolute minimum. The objective is to make it possible for you to get full control of your situation and daily life. So, you should not simultaneously have a notebook with to-do tasks, an app with to-do tasks and meeting minutes with additional to-do tasks.

SaveYourDay‘s inbox is where all tasks and information not belonging to a list are placed. It always opens when clicking on “MY LISTS”.

Here you can quickly enter tasks without adding it to a certain list, context or tag. Tasks will also end up in the inbox when you send an email with your task to SaveYourDay, enter a task in the context view without specifying list, or if you enter a task in one of the smart overviews, for example “Within 7 days”. As long as you do not actively choose a list, the task can always be found in the inbox.

Flow chart – inspired by GTD

The following simple flow chart, as always – inspired by GTD, shows how you can work with your data in SaveYourDay:

  • Collect – In GTD theory it is very important to collect all data into one single place, the so-called inbox. Preferably you have only a digital inbox, but in some cases you also need a physical inbox.
  • Sort – Make quick decisions about what should be done with each task: Do it now, Do it later, Save for the future or Throw away? One of the basic ideas behind GTD is make these quick decisions in order to work more efficient
  • Do it now – Tasks that should be done immediately. All tasks that can be performed in less than two minutes should be closed at once and never be moved to a to-do list.
  • Do it later – Tasks to be noted in a to-do list. It is important that the “next step”, what exactly should you do next, is defined.
  • Save for later – Tasks and information to be saved for future use. Move to any list of your choice.
  • Throw away – Tasks that are not relevant and should be discarded. Always discard as much as possible to avoid cluttered views and too much details!

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