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In the premium version of SaveYourDay it’s possible to:

  • Add tags
  • Add comments
  • The overview “Planned” shows all tasks that have an end date
  • The overview “Completed” shows all completed tasks
  • Add tasks through emails
  • Export lists to Excel, Word, and pdf

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SaveYourDay’s inbox

The inbox has a central role in GTD theory. You can compare it to the inbox in an email program. All incoming information shall be collected and either closed directly or temporarily land in your inbox. Note that the inbox is not a permanent place for tasks and information, the data should be moved as soon as possible.

One of the key messages of GTD is to limit the number of mailboxes to an absolute minimum. The objective is to make it possible for you to get full control of your situation and daily life. So, you should not simultaneously have a notebook with to-do tasks, an app with to-do tasks and meeting minutes with additional to-do tasks.

SaveYourDay‘s inbox is where all tasks and information not belonging to a list are placed. It always opens when clicking on “MY LISTS”.

Here you can quickly enter tasks without adding it to a certain list, context or tag. Tasks will also end up in the inbox when you send an email with your task to SaveYourDay, enter a task in the context view without specifying list, or if you enter a task in one of the smart overviews, for example “Within 7 days”. As long as you do not actively choose a list, the task can always be found in the inbox.