Flow chart – inspired by GTD

The following simple flow chart, as always – inspired by GTD, shows how you can work with your data in SaveYourDay:

  • Collect – In GTD theory it is very important to collect all data into one single place, the so-called inbox. Preferably you have only a digital inbox, but in some cases you also need a physical inbox.
  • Sort – Make quick decisions about what should be done with each task: Do it now, Do it later, Save for the future or Throw away? One of the basic ideas behind GTD is make these quick decisions in order to work more efficient
  • Do it now – Tasks that should be done immediately. All tasks that can be performed in less than two minutes should be closed at once and never be moved to a to-do list.
  • Do it later – Tasks to be noted in a to-do list. It is important that the “next step”, what exactly should you do next, is defined.
  • Save for later – Tasks and information to be saved for future use. Move to any list of your choice.
  • Throw away – Tasks that are not relevant and should be discarded. Always discard as much as possible to avoid cluttered views and too much details!

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