A new year with new possibilities!

Have you been giving any new year’s resolutions or set any targets for 2013? Or would you never do such things, as it always only gives you a bad conscience? Whatever you have in mind or plan to do, many of us have an urge to get more free time to spend with family, friends, hobbies and other things that makes life good.

SaveYourDay is the tool that helps you meet your targets and objectives independently if it is to get the ordinary day to day life to run smoother, or if it is to get away on the since long planned vacation trip.If you are not a list lover, but long for better control – try to create a list for one single project only, for example your bathroom refurbishment.

Are you a list lover, but prefers handwritten notes? Try putting down all your everyday life tasks and experience how easy you can tick off and rearrange instead of spending hours rewriting the lists. If you want to have a paper list, print it! If you already tested other list tools and got weary, give SaveYourDay a chance! It is simple and neat tool that gives you the needed overview. With SaveYourDay you can create realistic lists using our smart features, such as “Move deadline one day ahead” or “Postpone until next week”.

Create a free account and get started! It takes only a minute and you are up and running.